The Guitar World According to Frank Zappa

Release Date: 06/1987

Frank Zappa

Vinyl LP Release 13/04/2019


UPC: 824302123379 US

Official Release

Side A

1.Sleep Dirt 3:17

2.Friendly Little Finger 4:17

3.Excerpt From Revised Music for Guitar and Low-budget Symphony Orchestra 1:40

4.Things That Look Like Meat 6:06

Side B
Down in De Dew 2:54
2.A Solo From Heidelberg 4:46
3.A Solo From Cologne 4:31

4.A Solo From Atlanta 4:05

Total Playing Time 31:36

Frank Zappa: The Guitar World According to Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa: guitar, bass, percussion

James Youman: guitar (A1)

Roy Estrada: bass (A2)

Terry Bozio: drums (A2, B2)

Ruth Underwood: percussion, synths (A2)

Tom Fowler: bass (A3)

Bruce Fowler: brass (A3)

Chad Wackerman: drums (A3, A4, B3, B4)

George Duke: piano (A3)

Scott Thunes: bass (A4, B4)

Bobby Martin: clavinet (A4, B3, B4)

Tommy Mars: organ (A4, B3)

Ed Mann: percussion (A4, B2, B3)

Jim Gordon: drums (B1)

Patrick O'Hearn: bass (B2)

Ray White: guitar (B3, B4)

Steve Vai: guitar (B3)

Alan Zavod: keyboards (B4)

Ike Willis: guitar (B4)

Best Songs

A1.Sleep Dirt 4,5/5

A2.Friendly Little Finger 4,5/5

B4.A Solo From Atlanta 4,5/5

A4.Things That Look Like Meat 4/5

B1.Down in De Dew 4/5

Good Songs

B3.A Solo From Cologne 3,5/5

A3.Excerpt From Revised Music for Guitar and Low-Budget Orchestra 3/5
B2.A Solo From Heidelberg ?

Terrible Songs

None - No Song Got a Score Lower Than 2/5

Personal Score  / 5
"Compilation Album" Jany

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Factory Wrapped

(A1) © 1979 - Recorded at Caribou Studios, Colorado - December 1974

(A2) © 1976 - Recorded in a dressing room at Hofstra University & over-dubbed @ Record Plant, Los Angeles, California - 1975 

(A3) © 1987 - Recorded at The Record Plant, Los Angeles, California - 1975

(A4) © 1987 - Recorded live in some place that's not there anymore in Salt Lake City, Utah - December 1981

(B1) © 1987 - Recorded at Paramount Studios, Hollywood, California - 1973

(B2) © 1987 - Recorded live in concert, Heidelberg, West Germany - 1978

(B3) © 1987 - Recorded live in concert, Cologne, West Germany Summer - 1982

(B4) © 1987 - Recorded in concert, Atlanta, Georgia - Autumn 1987