Orchestral Favorites

Release Date: 04/05/1979

Frank Zappa

Vinyl LP Release 30/08/2019


UPC: 824302386019 EU

Official Release #027

Side A

1.Strictly Genteel 7:04
2.Pedro's Dowry 7:40
3.Naval Aviation in Art? 1:21

Side B
1.Duke of Prunes 4:19
2.Bogus Pomp 13:30

Total Playing Time 33:53

Frank Zappa: Orchestral Favorites

Frank Zappa: guitar

Ian Underwood: keyboards

Mike Lang: keyboards
Ralph Grierson: keyboards

Bill Mays: clavinet

Dave Parlato: bass
Terry Bozzio: drums

Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra

Michael Zearott: conductor

Emil Richards: percussion
Alan Estes: percussion

John Bergamo: percussion
Tom Raney: percussion

Malcolm McNab: trumpet
Gene Goe: trumpet
Roy Poper: trumpet

Bruce Fowler: trombone
Jock Ellis: trombone

Kenny Shroyer: trombone

Dana Hughes: bass trombone

Don Waldrop: tuba, contrabass trombone

David Shostac: flute, tenor saxophone
Gary Foster: flute, saxophone

Ray Reed: flute, alto saxophone

Victor Morosco: clarinet, alto saxophone, flute

Jay Migliori: clarinet, tenor saxophone

Mike Altschul: bass clarinet, baritone saxophone
Earle Dumler: oboe, English horn, baritone oboe

John Winter: oboe, English horn

David Sherr: oboe, tenor saxophone

JoAnn Caldwell McNab: bassoon

Bobby Tricarico: bassoon, contrabassoon
David Duke: French horn

Arthur Briegleb: French horn

Todd Miller: French horn
Bob Henderson: French horn

Tommy Morgan: harmonica (4)

John Wittenberg: violin

Bobby Dubow: violin
Pamela Goldsmith: viola

Jerry Kessler: cello

Lou Anne Neill: harp

Best Songs

None - No Song Got a Score of a Least 4/5

Good Songs

B2.Bogus Pomp 3,5/5
B1.Duke of Prunes 3/5

A1.Strictly Genteel 2/5
A2.Pedro's Dowry 2/5

Terrible Songs

A3.Naval Aviation in Art? 1,5/5

Personal Score 2,40 / 5
"Average Album" Jany

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