Studio Tan

Release Date: 15/08/1978

Frank Zappa

Vinyl LP Release 15/09/1978



Official Release #024

Side A

1.Greggery Peccary 20:34

Side B
Let Me Take You to the Beach 2:44
2.Revised Music for Guitar and Low-Budget Orchestra 7:36
3.Redunzl 8:13

Total Playing Time 39:12

Frank Zappa: Studio Tan

Frank Zappa: guitar (A1,B3), vocals (A1,B1), percussion (B2)

Davey Moire: vocals (B1)

George Duke: keyboards (A1,B2,b3)

Eddie Jobson: keyboards, yodeling (B1)

Tom Fowler: bass (A1,B2)

Max Bennett: bass (B1)

James 'Bird Legs' Youman: bass (B3)

Chester Thompson: drums (A1,B2,B3)

Paul Humphrey: drums (B1)

Don Brewer: bongos (B1)

Ruth Underwood: percussion, synths (A1,B3)
Bruce Fowler: trombone (A1,B2)


Best Songs

None - No Song Got a Score of a Least 4/5

Good Songs

B3.Redunzl 3,5/5

B1.Let Me Take You to the Beach 3/5

B2.Revised Music for Guitar and Low-Budget Orchestra 3/5

A1.Greggery Peccary 2,5/5

Terrible Songs

None - No Song Got a Score Lower Than 2/5

Personal Score 3,00 / 5
"Average Album" Jany

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John Berkman: piano (A1,B2)
Michael Zearott: piano (A1,B2)
Pamela Goldsmith: viola (A1,B2)
Murray Adler: violin (A1,B2)
Sheldon Sanov: violin (A1,B2)
Jerry Kessler: cello (A1,B2)
Edward Meares: double bass (A1,B2)
Don Waldrop: trombone (A1,B2)
Jock Ellis: trombone (A1,B2)
Dana Hughes: bass trombone (A1,B2)
Earle Dumler: oboe (A1,B2)
JoAnn Caldwell McNab: bassoon (A1,B2)
Mike Altschul: flute (A1,B2)
Graham Young: trumpet (A1,B2)
Jay Daversa: trumpet (A1,B2)
Malcolm McNab: trumpet (A1,B2)
Ray Reed: flute (A1,B2)
Victor Morosco: sax (1A,B2)
John Rotella: woodwinds (A1,B2)
Alan Estes: percussion (A1,B2)
Emil Richards: percussion (A1,B2)