Chunga's Revenge

Release Date: 23/10/1970

Frank Zappa

Vinyl LP Release 20/07/2018


UPC: 824302384411 EU

Official Release #011

Side A

1.Transylvania Boogie 5:01
2.Road Ladies 4:11
3.Twenty Small Cigars 2:17
4.The Nancy & Mary Music Part 1,2,3 9:30

Side B
1.Tell Me You Love Me 2:34
2.Would You Go All the Way? 2:30
3.Chunga's Revenge 6:16
4.The Clap 1:24
5.Rudy Wants to Buy Yez a Drink 2:45
6.Sharleena 4:07

Total Playing Time 40:21

Frank Zappa: Chunga's Revenge

Frank Zappa: guitar, vocals (A2,B2,B5,B6), harpsichard (A3), condor (B1). drums (B3), percussion (B3)
Ian Underwood: organ (A1), rhythm guitar (A2,B1), piano (A3), electric piano (A4,B2,B5), pipe organ (B1), electric alto sax with wah-wah pedal (B3), grand piano (B6) & tenor sax (B6)

Aynsley Dunbar: drums (except A3 & B4), tambourine (B5)

John Guerin: drums (A3)

Max Bennett: bass (A1,A3,B3)

Jeff Simmons: bass (A2,A4,B1,B2,B5,B6), vocals (A2,A4,B5,B6)
George Duke: organ (A2,B6), electric piano (A4,B1), vocal sound effects (A4), trombone (B2,B5)

Howard Kaylan: vocals (A2,A4,B1,B2,B5,B6)

Mark Volman: vocals (A2,A4,B1,B2,B5,B6), rhythm guitar (B5)

Sugar Cane Harris: organ (B3)

Best Songs

A2.Road Ladies 5/5

A1.Transylvania Boogie 4,5/5
A3.Twenty Small Cigars 4,5/5

Good Songs

B3.Chunga's Revenge 3,5/5

B6.Sharleena 3,5/5

A4.The Nancy & Mary Music Part 1,2,3 3/5

B5.Rudy Wants to Buy Yez a Drink 2,5/5

B1.Tell Me You Love Me 2/5
B2.Would You Go All the Way? 2/5

Terrible Songs

B4.The Clap 1/5

Personal Score 3,20 / 5
"Average Album" Jany

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