Lumpy Gravy Primordial

Release Date: 17/08/1967

Frank Vincent Zappa

Conducts The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra

Vinyl LP Release 21/04/2018


UPC: 824302123171 USA

Official Release #003

Side A

1.Sink Trap 3:06

2.Gum Joy 3:44

3.Up & Down 1:52

4.Local Butcher 2:33

Total Playing Time 11:15

Side B

1.Gypsy Airs 1:41

2.Hunchy Punchy 2:06

3.Foamy Soaky 2:34

4.Let's Eat Out 1:48

5.Teen-Age Grand Finale 3:29

Total Playing Time 11:38

Frank Vincent Zappa Conducts The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra: Lumpy Gravy Primordial

Best Songs

Good Songs

A1.Sink Trap 3:06

A2.Gum Joy 3:44

A3.Up & Down 1:52

A4.Local Butcher 2:33

B1.Gypsy Airs 1:41

B2.Hunchy Punchy 2:06

B3.Foamy Soaky 2:34

B4.Let's Eat Out 1:48

B5.Teen-Age Grand Finale 3:29

Terrible Songs

None - No Song Got a Score Lower Than 2/5

Personal Score  / 5

The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra

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French Horns
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Richard Perissi
Arthur E. Briegleb (uncredited)
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George F. Price (uncredited)

Piano Celeste

Electric Harpsichord

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Percussion (Gongs,

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Woodwinds (Flute,

Bass Flute, Piccolo,

Oboe, English Horn,

Eb Clarinet, Bb Clarinet,

Bass Clarinet,

Contrabass Clarinet,

Alto Sax, Bass Sax,

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Ted Nash
Jules Jacob
John Rotella
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Kenneth Shroyer
Lew McCreary (uncredited)

Jim Haynes (Helms)
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