Absolutely Free

Release Date: 26/05/1967

The Mothers of Invention

Vinyl 2 LP Release 12/10/2017


UPC: 824302383513 US

Official Release #002

"Absolutely Free"

(#1 in a Series of Underground Oratorios)

Side A
 1.Plastic People 3:42
 2.The Duke of Prunes 2:13
 3.Amnesia Vivace 1:01
 4.The Duke Regains His Chops 1:52
 5.Call Any Vegetable 2:15
 6.Invocation & Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin 7:00
 7.Soft-Sell Conclusion 1:40

Side B
"The M.O.I. American Pageant"

(#2 in a Series of Underground Oratorios)
 1.America Drinks 1:53
 2.Status Back Baby 2:54
 3.Uncle Bernie's Farm 2:10
 4.Son of Suzy Creamcheese 1:34
 5.Brown Shoes Don't Make It 7:30
 6.America Drinks & Goes Home 2:45

Total Playing Time 38:29

Side C

Bonus Section

 1.Absolutely Free Radio Ad #1 1:01

 2.Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? (1967 Single - Mono) 2:39

 3.Big Leg Emma (1967 Single - Mono) 2:32

 4.Absolutely Free Radio Ad #2 1:01

 5.“Glutton for Punishment…” 0:24

 6.America Drinks (1969 Re-Mix) 1:55

 7.Brown Shoes Don’t Make It (1969 Re-Mix) 7:27

 8.America Drinks & Goes Home (1969 Re-Mix) 2:42

Side D

 1.Laser-Etched Artwork

Total Playing Time 19:41

The Mothers of Invention: Absolutely Free

The Mothers of Invention
Frank Zappa: guitar, conductor, vocals

Ray Collins: vocals, tambourine

Jim Black: drums, vocals

Roy Estrada: bass, vocals

Billy Mundi: drums, percussion

Don Preston: keyboards

Bunk Gardner: woodwinds


Jim Fielder: guitar, piano

Best Songs

None - No Song Got a Score of at Least 4/5

Good Songs

C2.Why Don'tcha Do Me Right? [bonus track] 3,5/5

C3.Big Leg Emma [bonus track] 3/5

A7.Soft-Sell Conclusion 2,5/5

B2.Status Back Baby 2,5/5
A1.Plastic People 2/5
A2.The Duke of Prunes 2/5

A5.Call Any Vegetable 2/5

A6.Invocation & Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin 2/5

Terrible Songs

A4.The Duke Regains His Chops 1,5/5

B1.America Drinks 1,5/5

B5.Brown Shoes Don't Make It 1,5/5

B3.Uncle Bernie's Farm 1/5

B4.Son of Suzy Creamcheese 1/5

B6.America Drinks & Goes Home 1/5
A3.Amnesia Vivace 0,5/5

Personal Score 1,83 / 5
"Second Album" Jany

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