You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore (Sampler)

Release Date: 06/1988


Vinyl LP Release 24/10/2020


UPC: 824302174210 US

Official Release

Side A

1.Plastic People 4:38

2.The Torture Never Stops 15:51

Side B

1.Montana (Whipping Floss) 10:15

2.The Evil Prince 7:12

3.You Call That Music? 3:07

Total Playing Time 41:03

Side C
Sharleena 8:53
2.Nanook Rubs It 11:19

Side D

1.The Florida Airport Tape 1:03

2.Once Upon a Time 4:38

3.King Kong 3:11

4.Dickie's Such An Asshole 6:48

5.Cosmic Debris 4:45

Total Playing Time 40:37

Zappa: You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore (Sampler)

Frank Zappa: guitar, bass, percussion, vocals

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Best Songs

A2.The Torture Never Stops 4,5/5

B2.The Evil Prince 4/5

D5.Cosmic Debris 4/5

Good Songs

C2.Nanook Rubs It 3,5/5

D4.Dickie's Such An Asshole 3,5/5

A1.Plastic People 3/5

B1.Montana (Whipping Floss) 3/5

C1.Sharleena 3/5

B3.You Call That Music? 2,5/5
D3.King Kong 2,5/5

D2.Once Upon a Time 2/5

Terrible Songs

D1.The Florida Airport Tape 0,5/5

Personal Score 3,00 / 5
"Compilation Album" Jany

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