Rainbow Theatre

Release Date: 18/03/2022

Frank Zappa & The Mothers

Vinyl LP Release 18/03/2022


UPC: 602438403622 EU

Official Release #121

Side A

1.Zanti Serenade 12:39

2.Peaches En Regalia 3:20

3.Tears Began to Fall 2:41

Side B

1.Shove It Right in6:55

2.“Pain in the Ass”2:25

3.Divan: Once Upon a Time4:36

4.Divan: Sofa #12:56

Total Playing Time 35:32

Side C

1.Pound for a Brown - Part I 5:40

2.Super Grease 3:02

3.Pound for a Brown - Part II 7:50

4.Sleeping in a Jar 2:26

Side D

1.Wonderful Wino 4:51

2.Sharleena 4:38

3.Cruising for Burgers 3:39

Total Playing Time: 32:06

Side E

1.“That’s Your Tough Luck” 2:08

2.King Kong - Part I 11:42

Side F

1.King Kong - Part II 10:02

2.I Want to Hold Your Hand 2:33

Total Playing Time: 26:25

Frank Zappa & The Mothers: Rainbow Theatre

Frank Zappa: guitar, vocals

Ian Underwood: woodwinds, keyboards, vocals

Aynsley Dunbar: drums
Mark Volman: lead vocals, dialogue
Howard Kaylan: lead vocals, dialogue
Jim Pons: bass, vocals, dialogue
Bob Harris: keyboards, vocals
Don Preston: keyboards, Electronics

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Personal Score  / 5
"Live Album" Jany

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