Halloween 81 - Live at the Palladium, New York City

Release Date: 02/10/2020

Frank Zappa

6 CD Release 02/10/2020


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Official Release #117

CD 1

10/31/81 8pm Show
 1.Chunga’s Revenge 5:29
 2.“The Finest Night of the Year” 3:04
 3.You Are What You Is – Take 1 1:13
 4.You Are What You Is – Take 2 3:45
 5.Mudd Club 2:52
 6.The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 3:13
 7.Dumb All Over 5:42
 8.Heavenly Bank Account 4:05
 9.Suicide Chump 5:43
10.Jumbo Go Away 3:52
11.Envelopes 3:07
12.Drowning Witch 8:46
13.What’s New in Baltimore? 3:47
14.Moggio 2:45
15.We’re Turning Again 5:03
16.Alien Orifice 5:20

CD 2

10/31/81 8pm Show Continued
 1.Teen-Age Prostitute 2:31
 2.Flakes 5:14
 3.Broken Hearts Are for Assholes 4:09
 4.The Blue Light 4:45
 5.Tinsel Town Rebellion 4:56
 6.Yo Mama 9:46

Encores I

 7.Bobby Brown Goes Down 2:39
 8.City of Tiny Lites 9:39

Encores II
 9.“We’re Not Gonna Stand for It!” 1:53
10.Strictly Genteel 7:29

Encores III
11.Dancin’ Fool 3:44
12.Whipping Post 7:06

CD 3

10/31/81 12am Show
 1.Black Napkins 5:09
 2.“A Historical Event” 2:02
 3.Montana 3:47
 4.Easy Meat 6:50
 5.Society Pages 2:32
 6.I’m a Beautiful Guy 1:54
 7.Beauty Knows No Pain 2:55
 8.Charlie’s Enormous Mouth 3:39
 9.Fine Girl 3:13
10.Teen-Age Wind 3:01
11.Harder Than Your Husband 2:34
12.Bamboozled by Love 5:32
13.Sinister Footwear II 6:55
14.Stevie’s Spanking 6:09
15.Commercial Break 1:55

CD 4

10/31/81 12am Show Continued
 1.Cocaine Decisions 3:46
 2.Nig Biz 5:11
 3.Doreen 2:06
 4.Goblin Girl 1:49
 5.The Black Page #2 7:06
 6.Tryin’ to Grow a Chin 2:29
 7.Strictly Genteel 7:46

Encores I
 8.The Torture Never Stops 11:48

Encores II
 9.“The Real Show Keeps Going” 1:10
10.Joe’s Garage 2:30
11.Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 2:48
12.The Illinois Enema Bandit 9:23
13.“The Halloween Tradition” 2:31
14.King Kong 11:07
15.Auld Lang Syne 1:52

CD 5

11/01/81 Show
 1.Zoot Allures 7:17
 2.“The Last of Our Halloween Shows” 2:59
 3.I’m the Slime 2:39
 4.Pound for a Brown 10:02
 5.Dave & Al 5:20
 6.Cosmik Debris 4:04
 7.Montana 3:47
 8.Easy Meat 7:39
 9.Dumb All Over 6:34
10.Heavenly Bank Account 4:02
11.Suicide Chump 5:42
12.Jumbo Go Away 3:49
13.Envelopes 2:55
14.Drowning Witch 9:56

CD 6

11/01/81 Show Continued
 1.What’s New In Baltimore? 4:59
 2.Moggio 2:39
 3.We’re Turning Again 5:01
 4.Alien Orifice 5:13
 5.Teen-Age Prostitute 2:34
 6.Sinister Footwear II 6:28
 7.Stevie’s Spanking 6:33
 8.Cocaine Decisions 3:40
 9.Nig Biz 5:05
10.Goblin Girl 2:24
11.The Black Page #2 8:24

Encores I
12.Whipping Post 7:17

Encores II
13.Broken Hearts Are for Assholes 4:08
14.The Torture Never Stops 12:19

"Live 1981" Jany

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Best Songs

None - No Song Got a Score of at Least 4/5 

Good Songs

 1.Chunga’s Revenge
 2.“The Finest Night Of The Year”
 3.You Are What You Is – Take 1
 4.You Are What You Is – Take 2
 5.Mudd Club
 6.The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
 7.Dumb All Over
 8.Heavenly Bank Account
 9.Suicide Chump
10.Jumbo Go Away
12.Drowning Witch
13.What’s New In Baltimore?
15.We’re Turning Again
16.Alien Orifice
 1.Teen-age Prostitute
 3.Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
 4.The Blue Light
 5.Tinsel Town Rebellion
 6.Yo Mama

 7.Bobby Brown Goes Down
 8.City Of Tiny Lites
 9.“We’re Not Gonna Stand For It!”
10.Strictly Genteel
11.Dancin’ Fool
12.Whipping Post
 1.Black Napkins
 2.“A Historical Event”
 4.Easy Meat
 5.Society Pages
 6.I’m A Beautiful Guy
 7.Beauty Knows No Pain
 8.Charlie’s Enormous Mouth
 9.Fine Girl
10.Teen-age Wind
11.Harder Than Your Husband
12.Bamboozled By Love
13.Sinister Footwear II
14.Stevie’s Spanking
15.Commercial Break
 1.Cocaine Decisions
 2.Nig Biz
 4.Goblin Girl
 5.The Black Page #2
 6.Tryin’ To Grow A Chin
 7.Strictly Genteel
 8.The Torture Never Stops
 9.“The Real Show Keeps Going”
10.Joe’s Garage
11.Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
12.The Illinois Enema Bandit 
13.“The Halloween Tradition”
14.King Kong
15.Auld Lang Syne
 1.Zoot Allures
 2.“The Last Of Our Halloween Shows”
 3.I’m The Slime
 4.Pound For A Brown
 5.Dave & Al
 6.Cosmik Debris
 8.Easy Meat
 9.Dumb All Over
10.Heavenly Bank Account
11.Suicide Chump
12.Jumbo Go Away
14.Drowning Witch
 1.What’s New In Baltimore?
 3.We’re Turning Again
 4.Alien Orifice
 5.Teen-age Prostitute
 6.Sinister Footwear II
 7.Stevie’s Spanking
 8.Cocaine Decisions
 9.Nig Biz
10.Goblin Girl
11.The Black Page #2
12.Whipping Post
13.Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
14.The Torture Never Stops

Terrible Songs

Personal Score  / 5

Frank Zappa: guitar, vocals 
Robert Martin: keyboards, saxes, vocals
Tommy Mars: keyboards, vocals
Steve Vai: guitar, vocals
Ray White Kaylan: guitar, vocals
Scott Thunes: bass, vocals
Chad Wackerman: drums
Ed Mann: percussion