Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project / Object

Release Date: 04/11/2016

Zappa / Mothers

CD Release 04/11/2016


UPC: 824302002421 US

Official Release #107

CD 1

Uncle Meat: Original 1969 Vinyl Mix
 1.Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme 1:56
 2.The Voice of Cheese 0:26
 3.Nine Types of Industrial Pollution 6:02
 4.Zolar Czackl 0:54
 5.Dog Breath, in the Year of the Plague 3:59
 6.The Legend of the Golden Arches 3:27
 7.Louie Louie (At the Royal Albert Hall in London) 2:18
 8.The Dog Breath Variations 1:50
 9.Sleeping in a Jar 0:50
10.Our Bizarre Relationship 1:05
11.The Uncle Meat Variations 4:46
12.Electric Aunt Jemima 1:46
13.Prelude to King Kong 3:39
14.God Bless America (Live at the Whisky a Go Go) 1:10
15.A Pound for a Brown on the Bus 1:29
16.Ian Underwood Whips It Out (Live on Stage in Copenhagen) 5:09
17.Mr. Green Genes 3:13
18.We Can Shoot You 2:03
19."If We'd All Been Living in California..." 1:14
20.The Air 2:57
21.Project X 4:49
22.Cruising for Burgers 2:18
23.King Kong (as Played by the Mothers in a Studio) 0:51
24.King Kong (it's magnificence as interpreted by Dom DeWild) 1:19
25.King Kong (as Motorhead Explains it) 1:45
26.King Kong (the Gardner Varieties) 6:14
27.King Kong (as Played by 3 Deranged Good Humo Trucks) 0:37
28.King Kong (Live on a Flat Bed Diesel in the Middle of a Race Track at a Miami Pop Festival...the Underwood Ramifications) 7:24

Total Playing Time 75:30

CD 2
Uncle Meat: Original Sequence
Part One
2.1.Dog Breath, in the Year of the Plague 2:55
2.2.The Legend of the Golden Arches 3:16
2.3.The Voice of Cheese 0:26
2.4.Whiskey Wah 1:34
2.5.Nine Types of Industrial Pollution 6:03
2.6.Louie Louie (Live at the Royal Albert Hall in London) 2:27
2.7.The Dog Breath Variations 1:51
2.8.Shoot You Percussion Item 1:28
Part Two
2.9.The Whip 5:03
2.10.The Uncle Meat Variations 4:47
2.11.King Kong 10:46
Part Three
2.12.Project X Minus.5 1:47
2.13.A Pound for a Brown on the Bus 1:29
2.14.Electric Aunt Jemima 1:46
2.15.Prelude to King Kong 3:39
2.16.God Bless America (Live at the Whiskey a Go Go) 1:11
2.17.Sleeping in a Jar 0:51
2.18.Cops & Buns 5:56
2.19.Zolar Czakl 0:47

Total Playing Time 58:02

CD 3
Part Four
3.1.We Can Not Shoot You 1:16
3.2.Mr. Green Genes 3:13
3.3."PooYeahrg" 0:32
3.4.Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme 1:27
3.5.Our Bizarre Relationship 1:10
3.6."Later We Can Shoot You" 0:15
3.7."If We'd All Been Living in California..." 1:19
3.8.'Ere Ian Whips It / JCB Spits It / Motorhead Rips it 2:30
3.9.The Air 2:58
3.10.Project X.5 2:38
3.11.Cruising for Burgers 2:23
From the Vault
3.12."A Bunch of Stuff" 1:40
3.13.Dog Breath (Single Version - Stereo) 2:55
3.14.Tango 0:24
3.15.The String Quartet 3:06
3.16.Electric Aunt Jemima (Mix Outtake) 1:40
3.17.Exercise 4 Variant 4:32
3.18.Zolar Czackl (Mix Outtake) 0:45
3.19."More Beer!" 0:17
3.20.Green Genes Snoop 1:13
3.21.Mr. Green Genes (Mix Outtake) 3:11
3.22.Echo Pie 2:16
3.23.1/4 Tone Unit 1:06
3.24.Sakuji's March 0:35
3.25.No. 4 1:52
3.26.Prelude to King Kong (Extended Version) 5:24
3.27.Blood Unit 1:22
3.28.My Guitar (Proto I- Excerpt) 2:12
3.29.Nine Types of Industrial Pollution (Guitar Track, Normal Speed) 9:53
3.30.Uncle Meat (Live at Columbia University 1969) 4:44
3.31.Dog Breath (Instrumental) 2:50
3.32.The Dog Breath Variations (Mix Outtake) 1:46

Total Playing Time 73:24

"Project / Object" Jany

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Best Songs

None - No Song Got a Score of at Least 4/5

Good Songs

 4.King Kong Itself I 3,5/5
 5.King Kong II 3,5/5

12.Electric Aunt Jemima 3/5

17.Mr. Green Genes 3/5

20.The Air 3/5

22.Cruising For Burgers 3/5

 2.Tengo Na Minchia Tanta 3/5

 8.The Dog Breath Variations 2,5/5

11.The Uncle Meat Variations 2,5/5

15.A Pound For A Brown On The Bus 2,5/5

 1.Uncle Meat: Main Title Theme 2/5

 3.Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution 2/5

 5.Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague 2/5

 9.Sleeping In A Jar 2/5

21.Project X 2/5

 6.King Kong III 2/5
 7.King Kong IV 2/5
Terrible Songs
 6.The Legend Of The Golden Arches 1,5/5

18.We Can Shoot You 1,5/5

 8.King Kong V 1,5/5
 9.King Kong VI 1,5/5
 2.The Voice Of Cheese 1/5

10.Our Bizarre Relationship 1/5

13.Prelude To King Kong 1/5

 3.Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part II 1/5
 4.Zolar Czakl 0,5/5
 7.Louie Louie 0,5/5
14.God Bless America 0,5/5
16.Ian Underwood Whips It Out 0,5/5
19."If We'd All Been Living In California..." 0,5/5

 1.Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part I 0,5/5

Personal Score 1,82 / 5

The Mothers of Invention 
Frank Zappa: guitar, low grade vocals, percussion 
Ray Collins: swell vocals 
Jimmy Carl Black: drums 
Roy Estrada: electric bass, Pachuco falsetto 
Don Preston: electric piano 
Billy Mundi: drums
Bunk Gardner: piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, bassoon
Ian Underwood: electric organ, piano, harpsichord, celeste, flute, clarinet, alto sax, baritone sax
Artie Tripp: drums, timpani, vibes, marimba, xylophone, wood blocks, bells, small chimes
James 'Motorhead' Sherwood: frenetic tenor sax stylings, tambourine
Ruth Komanoff: marimba & vibes
Nelcy Walker: soprano voice (5,11)
Pamela Zarubica (Suzy Creamcheese)

Lowell George: guitar

Buzz Gardner: trumpet

John Kilgore: voice

Patrolman LaFamine: voice