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Release Date: 05/12/2006

Frank Zappa

CD Release 12/05/2017


UPC: 824302000526 US

Official Release #078

CD 1

 1.Hungry Freaks, Daddy 3:32

 2.I Ain't Got No Heart 2:34

 3.Who Are the Brain Police? 3:25

 4.Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder 3:43

 5.Motherly Love 2:50

 6.How Could I Be Such a Fool? 2:16

 7.Wowie Zowie 2:55

 8.You Didn't Try to Call Me 3:21

 9.Anyway the Wind Blows 2:55

10.I'm Not Satisfied 2:41

11.You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here 3:41

12.Trouble Every Day 5:53

13.Help, I'm a Rock 4:42

14.It Can't Happen Here 3:59

15.Return of the Son of Monster Magnet 12:22

Total Playing Time 60:49

CD 2

 1.Trouble Every Day (Basic Tracks) 7:10
 2.Who Are the Brain Police? 3:26
 3.I Ain't Got No Heart (Basic Tracks) 2:36
 4.You Didn't Try to Call Me (Basic Tracks) 3:00
 5.How Could I Be Such a Fool? 2:13
 6.Anyway the Wind Blows (1987 FZ Remix) 2:51
 7.Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder (Vocal Overdub Take 2) 3:46
 8.Motherly Love (Vocal Overdub Master Takes) 3:09
 9."Tom Wilson" 0:33
10."My Pet Theory" 2:17
11.Hungry Freaks, Daddy (Basic Tracks) 3:28
12.Help, I'm a Rock (1970 FZ Remix) 4:43
13.It Can't Happen Here (1970 FZ Remix) 3:58
14.Freak Out Drum Track w/ Timp. & Lion 4:03
15.Watts Riot Demo/Fillmore Sequence 2:07
16.Freak Out Zilofone 3:00
17."Low Budget Rock & Roll Band" 2:42

Total Playing Time 55:02

The Mothers of Invention
Frank Zappa: guitar, conductor, vocals

Ray Collins: vocals, tambourine

Jim Black: drums, vocals

Roy Estrada: bass, vocals

Elliot Ingber: alternate lead & rhythm guitar


The Mothers' Auxiliary

Gene Estes: percussion
Eugene DiNovi: piano
Neil Le Vang: guitar
John Rotella: clarinet, sax
Kurt Reher: cello
Raymond Kelley: cello
Paul Bergstrom: cello
Emmet Sargeant: cello
Joseph Saxon: cello
Edwin V. Beach: cello
Arthur Maebe: French horn, tuba
George Price: French horn
John Johnson: tuba
Carol Kaye: 12-string guitar
Virgil Evans: trumpet
David Wells: trombone
Kenneth Watson: percussion
Plas Johnson: flute
Roy Caton: copyist
Carl Franzoni: voice
Kim Fowley (featured on hypophone)
Benjamin Barrett
David Anderle

Best Songs 

 4.Go Cry on Somebody Else's Shoulder 4/5

 9.Any Way the Wind Blows 4/5

12.Trouble Every Day 4/5

Good Songs

 1.Hungry Freaks, Daddy 3,5/5

 6.How Could I Be Such a Fool? 3,5/5
 2.I Ain't Got No Heart 3/5

 5.Motherly Love 3/5
 3.Who Are the Brain Police? 2,5/5
 7.Wowie Zowie 2,5/5
 8.You Didn't Try to Call Me 2,5/5
10.I'm Not Satisfied 2,5/5
11.You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here 2/5
Terrible Songs
13.Help I'm a Rock 1,5/5
14.It Can't Happen Here 0,5/5
15.The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet 0,5/5

Personal Score 2,63 / 5
"The Making of..." Jany

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