Have I Offended Someone?

Release Date: 08/04/1997

Frank Zappa

CD Release 11/12/2012


UPC: 824302389027 EU

Official Release #067

 1.Bobby Brown Goes Down 2:43
 2.Zappa: Disco Boy 4:23
 3.Zappa: Goblin Girl 4:19
 4.Zappa: In France 3:30
 5.Zappa: He's So Gay 2:45
 6.Zappa: SEX 3:44
 7.Zappa: Titties 'n Beer 4:37
 8.We're Turning Again 4:56
 9.Zappa: Dumb All Over 5:43
10.Zappa: Catholic Girls 3:51
11.The Mothers: Dinah-Moe Humm 7:14
12.Tinsel Town Rebellion 4:24
13.Frank Zappa & Moon Zappa: Valley Girl 4:50
14.Jewish Princess 3:15
15.Yo Cats 3:32

Total Playing Time 63:46

Frank Zappa: guitar, percussion, vocals

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Best Songs

 1.Bobby Brown Goes Down 5/5
 2.Disco Boy 5/5
 7.Titties 'n Beer 5/5

11.Dinah-Moe Humm 5/5

14.Jewish Princess 5/5

10.Catholic Girls 4/5
12.Tinsel Town Rebellion 4/5

Good Songs

 3.Goblin Girl 3,5/5
 4.In France 3,5/5

 8.We're Turning Again 3,5/5
 5.He's So Gay 3/5

 9.Dumb All Over 3/5

15.Yo Cats 3/5
 6.SEX 2,5/5
13.Valley Girl 2,5/5

Terrible Songs

None - No Song Got a Score Lower Than 2/5

Personal Score 3,83 / 5
"Interesting Compilation Album" Jany

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     #067. Have I Offended Someone?

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