You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore Vol. 6

Release Date: 10/07/1992


CD Release 11/12/2012


UPC: 824302388525 EU

Official Release #059

CD 1

 1.The M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath 3:01
 2.The Poodle Lecture 5:02
 3.Dirty Love 2:39
 4.Magic Fingers 2:21
 5.The Madison Panty-Sniffing Festival 2:44
 6.Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me? 4:01
 7.Father O'Blivion 2:21
 8.Is That Guy Kidding or What? 4:02
 9.I'm So Cute 1:39
10.White Person 2:07
11.Lonely Person Devices 3:13
12.Ms. Pinky 2:00
13.Shove It Right In 6:45
14.Wind Up Working in a Gas Station 2:32
15.Make a Sex Noise 3:11
16.Tracy Is a Snob 3:52
17.I Have Been in You 5:04
18.Emperor of Ohio 1:31
19.Dinah-Moe Humm 3:16
20.He's So Gay 2:34
21.Camarillo Brillo 3:09
22.Muffin Man 2:24

Total Playing Time 69:28

CD 2

 1.NYC Halloween Audience 0:46
 2.The Illinois Enema Bandit 8:04
 3.Thirteen 6:08
 4.Lobster Girl 2:20
 5.Black Napkins 5:21
 6.We're Turning Again 4:56
 7.Alien Orifice 4:16
 8.Catholic Girls 4:04
 9.Crew Slut 5:33
10.Tryin' to Grow a Chin 3:33
11.Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance 3:46
12.Lisa's Life Story 3:05
13.Lonesome Cowboy Nando 5:15
14.200 Motels Finale 3:43
15.Strictly Genteel 6:56

Total Playing Time 67:46

Frank Zappa: guitar, vocals, synthesizer, conductor
Mark Volman: vocals
Howard Kaylan: vocals
Lisa Popeil: vocals
Denny Walley: slide guitar, vocals
Ike Willis: guitar, vocals
Adrian Belew: guitar, vocals
Ray White: guitar, vocals
Warren Cuccurullo: guitar
Steve Vai: guitar
Mike Keneally: guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Robert Martin: keyboards, vocals
Bob Harris: keyboards, vocals
Peter Wolf: keyboards
Allan Zavod: keyboards
George Duke: keyboards
Tommy Mars: keyboards
Ian Underwood: keyboards, alto saxophone
Lady Bianca: keyboards, vocals (1.14)

Patrick O'Hearn: bass guitar
Jeff Simmons: bass guitar
Arthur Barrow: bass guitar
Scott Thunes: bass guitar
Tom Fowler: bass guitar

Ralph Humphrey: drums
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
Aynsley Dunbar: drums
Terry Bozzio: drums
Chad Wackerman: drums, electronic percussion

Ed Mann: percussion, backing vocals, marimba

Paul Carman: soprano, alto & baritone saxophone
Napoleon Murphy Brock: saxophone, vocals

Albert Wing: tenor saxophone
Michael Brecker: tenor saxophone
Kurt McGettrick: saxophone, contrabass clarinet
Walt Fowler: flugelhorn, synthesizer, trumpet

L. Shankar: violin
Jean-Luc Ponty: violin

Best Songs

17.I Have Been in You 4/5

 2.The Illinois Enema Bandit 4/5

 5.Black Napkins 4/5

Good Songs

 7.Father O'Blivion 3,5/5

19.Dinah-Moe Humm 3,5/5

21.Camarillo Brillo 3,5/5
22.Muffin Man 3,5/5

 4.Lobster Girl 3,5/5

 6.We're Turning Again 3,5/5
 7.Alien Orifice 3,5/5

11.Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance 3,5/5
 2.The Poodle Lecture 3/5
 3.Dirty Love 3/5

20.He's So Gay 3/5

 3.Thirteen 3/5

 8.Catholic Girls 3/5
 9.Crew Slut 3/5
10.Tryin' to Grow a Chin 3/5

15.Strictly Genteel 3/5
 4.Magic Fingers 2,5/5

 6.Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me? 2,5/5

12.Ms. Pinky 2,5/5

14.Wind Up Working in a Gas Station 2,5/5

16.Tracy Is a Snob 2,5/5

13.Lonesome Cowboy Nando 2,5/5
 5.The Madison Panty-Sniffing Festival 2/5
 8.Is That Guy Kidding or What? 2/5
 9.I'm So Cute 2/5
13.Shove It Right In 2/5
15.Make a Sex Noise 2/5
18.Emperor of Ohio 2/5
14.200 Motels Finale 2/5

Terrible Songs

 1.The M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath 0,5/5

10.White Person 0,5/5
11.Lonely Person Devices 0,5/5

 1.NYC Halloween Audience 0,5/5

12.Lisa's Life Story 0,5/5

Personal Score 2,58 / 5
"Compilation Live Album" Jany

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