Broadway the Hard Way

Release Date: 14/10/1988

Frank Zappa

CD Release 06/11/2012


UPC: 824302387924 EU

Official Release #053

 1.Elvis Has Just Left the Building 2:24
 2.Planet of the Baritone Women 2:48
 3.Any Kind of Pain 5:42
 4.Dickie's Such an Asshole 5:45
 5.When the Lie's So Big 3:38
 6.Rhymin' Man 3:50
 7.Promiscuous 2:02
 8.The Untouchables 2:26
 9.Why Don't You Like Me? 2:57
10.Bacon Fat 1:29
11.Stolen Moments 2:58
12.Murder by Numbers 5:37
13.Jezebel Boy 2:27
14.Outside Now 7:49
15.Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel 6:40
16.What Kind of Girl? 3:16
17.Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk 9:15

Total Playing Time 71:03

Best Songs

 4.Dickie's Such an Asshole 4/5

12.Murder by Numbers 4/5

Good Songs

 1.Elvis Has Just Left the Building 3,5/5

 3.Any Kind of Pain 3,5/5

 6.Rhymin' Man 3,5/5

10.Bacon Fat 3,5/5
11.Stolen Moments 3,5/5

14.Outside Now 3,5/5
15.Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel 3,5/5
 5.When the Lie's So Big 3/5

 8.The Untouchables 3/5
 9.Why Don't You Like Me? 3/5
 2.Planet of the Baritone Women 2,5/5
 7.Promiscuous 2,5/5
13.Jezebel Boy 2,5/5
16.What Kind of Girl? 2,5/5
17.Jesus Thinks You're a Jerk 2,5/5

Terrible Songs

None - No Song Got a Score Lower Than 2/5

Personal Score 3,18 / 5
"Live Album" Jany

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Frank Zappa: Broadway the Hard Way

Frank Zappa: lead guitar, synthesizer, vocals 
Ike Willis: rhythm guitar, synthesizer, vocals 
Mike Keneally: rhythm guitar, synthesizer, vocals 
Robert Martin: keyboards, vocals

Scott Thunes: electric bass, Minimoog 

Chad Wackerman: drums, electronic percussion
Ed Mann: vibes, marimba, electronic percussion

Paul Carman: alto sax, soprano sax, baritone sax

Albert Wing: tenor sax

Kurt McGettrick: baritone sax, contrabass clarinet
Walt Fowler: trumpet, flugel horn, synthesizer
Bruce Fowler: trombone 
Sting: vocals (12)
Eric Buxton: vocals (8)