Meets The Mothers of Prevention

Release Date: 21/11/1985

Frank Zappa

CD Release 06/11/2012


UPC: 824302387320 EU

Official Release #044

 1.I Don't Even Care [bonus track] 4:40
 2.One Man, One Vote
[bonus track] 2:35
 3.Little Beige Sambo 3:02
 4.Aerobics in Bondage 3:16
 5.We're Turning Again 4:55
 6.Alien Orifice 4:10
 7.Yo Cats 3:33
 8.What's New in Baltimore? 5:19
 9.Porn Wars 12:05
10.H.R. 2911
[bonus track] 3:38

Total Playing Time 47:13

Frank Zappa: Meets The Mothers of Prevention

Frank Zappa: guitar, synclavier, vocals
Johnny 'Guitar' Watson: guitar

Ike Willis: rhythm guitar, vocals
Ray White: rhythm guitar, vocals
Bobby Martin: keyboards, vocals

Steve Vai: guitar

Tommy Mars: keyboards
Scott Thunes: bass

Arthur Barrow: bass
Chad Wackerman: drums

Ed Mann: percussion

Moon Zappa: vocals

Dweezil Zappa: vocals

voices excerpts on "Porn Wars"

John Danforth, Ernest Hollings, Paul S. Trible, Jr., Paula Hawkins, J. James Exon, Al Gore, Tipper Gore

Best Songs

 5.We're Turning Again 4/5
 6.Alien Orifice 4/5

 8.What's New in Baltimore? 4/5

Good Songs

 1.I Don't Even Care 3/5

 7.Yo Cats 3/5
 2.One Man, One Vote 2,5/5
 3.Little Beige Sambo 2/5
 4.Aerobics in Bondage 2/5

Terrible Songs

10.H.R. 2911 1,5/5

 9.Porn Wars 1/5

Personal Score 2,70 / 5
"Average Album" Jany

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