Tinseltown Rebellion

Release Date: 11/05/1981

Frank Zappa

CD Release 25/09/2012


UPC: 824302386224 EU

Official Release #030

 1.Fine Girl 3:31
 2.Easy Meat 9:18
 3.For the Young Sophisticate 3:13
 4.Love of My Life 2:15
 5.I Ain't Got No Heart 1:59
 6.Panty Rap 4:35
 7.Tell Me You Love Me 2:07
 8.Now You See It - Now You Don't 5:05
 9.Dance Contest 3:00
10.The Blue Light 5:26
11.Tinsel Town Rebellion 4:35
12.Pick Me, I'm Clean 5:32
13.Bamboozled by Love 5:46
14.Brown Shoes Don't Make It 7:13
15.Peaches III 5:00

Total Playing Time 68:35

Frank Zappa: Tinseltown Rebelion

Frank Zappa: lead guitar, vocals

Arthur Barrow: bass, vocals

Vinnie Colaiuta: drums

Warren Cucurullo: rhythm guitar, vocals

Bob Harris: keyboards, trumpet, high vocals

David Logeman: drums (1, first part 2)

Ed Mann: percussion

Tommy Mars: keyboards, vocals

Patrick O'Hearn: bass (9)
Steve Vai: rhythm guitar, vocals

Denny Walley: slide guitar, vocals
Ray White: rhythm guitar, vocals
Ike Willis: rhythm guitar, vocals
Peter Wolf: keyboards

Best Songs 

 3.For the Young Sophisticate 4/5
15.Peaches III 4/5

Good Songs

 4.Love of My Life 3,5/5

11.Tinsel Town Rebellion 3,5/5

13.Bamboozled by Love 3,5/5

 2.Easy Meat 3/5

14.Brown Shoes Don't Make It 3/5

 8.Now You See It - Now You Don't 3/5
 1.Fine Girl 2,5/5

 5.I Ain't Got No Heart 2,5/5

12.Pick Me, I'm Clean 2,5/5

 6.Panty Rap 2/5

 7.Tell Me You Love Me 2/5

10.The Blue Light 2/5
Terrible Songs

 9.Dance Contest 1,5/5

Personal Score 2,83 / 5
"Average Live Album" Jany

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