Sheik Yerbouti

Release Date: 03/03/1979

Frank Zappa

CD Release 28/08/2012


UPC: 824302385920 EU

Official Release #026

 1.I Have Been in You 3:34
 2.Flakes 6:40
 3.Broken Hearts Are for Assholes 3:41
 4.I'm So Cute 4:27
 5.Jones Crusher 2:49
 6.What Ever Happened to All the Fun in the World 0:33
 7.Rat Tomago 5:14
 8.Wait a Minute 0:33
 9.Bobby Brown Goes Down 2:49
10.Rubber Shirt 2:45
11.The Sheik Yerbouti Tango 3:55
12.Baby Snakes 1:49
13.Tryin' to Grow a Chin 3:31
14.City of Tiny Lites 5:30
15.Dancin' Fool 3:42
16.Jewish Princess 3:18
17.Wild Love 4:09
18.Yo' Mama 12:41

Total Playing Time 71:40

Frank Zappa: Sheik Yerbouti

Frank Zappa: lead guitar, lead (1-3,9,12,15-18), backing vocals

Davey Moire: lead (6,8), backing vocals

Napoleon Murphy Brock: lead (17), backing vocals

Randy Thornton: lead (17), backing vocals

Andre Lewis: backing vocals
Adrian Belew: rhythm guitar, lead (5,14), backing vocals
Tommy Mars: keyboards, lead (17), backing vocals
Peter Wolf: keyboards
Patrick O'Hearn: bass, lead (3,6,8), backing vocals
Terry Bozzio: drums, lead (3,4,6,8,13,17), backing vocals
Ed Mann: percussion, backing vocals
David Ocker: clarinet (17)

Best Songs 

 1.I Have Been in You 5/5

 9.Bobby Brown Goes Down 5/5

12.Baby Snakes 5/5

15.Dancin' Fool 5/5
16.Jewish Princess 5/5
 2.Flakes 4,5/5

 6.What Ever Happened to All the Fun in the World 4,5/5
 7.Rat Tomago 4,5/5
 8.Wait a Minute 4,5/5

18.Yo' Mama 4,5/5
10.Rubber Shirt 4/5
11.The Sheik Yerbouti Tango 4/5

14.City of Tiny Lites 4/5

Good Songs
 3.Broken Hearts Are for Assholes 3,5/5

 5.Jones Crusher 3,5/5
13.Tryin' to Grow a Chin 3,5/5

17.Wild Love 3,5/5
 4.I'm So Cute 3/5
Terrible Songs
None - No song Got a Score Lower Than 2/5

Personal Score 4,25 / 5
"Top Five Album!" Jany

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