In New York

Release Date: 03/03/1978


CD Release 28/08/2012


UPC: 824302385623 EU

Official Release #023

CD 1

1.Titties & Beer 7:35
2.Cruisin' for Burgers 9:12
3.I Promise Not to Come in Your Mouth 3:31
4.Punky's Whips 10:50
5.Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me? 4:11
6.The Illinois Enema Bandit 12:45

Total Playing Time 48:04

CD 2
1.I'm the Slime 4:23
2.Pound for a Brown 3:41
3.Manx Needs Women 1:50
4.The Black Page Drum Solo / Black Page #1 3:50
5.Big Leg Emma 2:17
6.Sofa 2:56
7.Black Page #2 5:36
8.The Torture Never Stops 12:34
9.The Purple Lagoon / Approximate 16:42

Total Playing Time 53:49

Zappa: In New York

Frank Zappa: conductor, lead guitar, vocals
Ray White: rhythm guitar, vocals
Eddie Jobson: keyboards, violin, vocals
Patrick O'Hearn: bass, vocals
Terry Bozzio: drums, vocals, devil
Ruth Underwood: percussion, synthesizer, overdubs

Lou Marini: alto sax, flute

Michael Brecker: tenor sax, flute

Ronnie Cuber: baritone sax, clarinet

Randy Brecker: trumpet

Tom Malone: trombone, trumpet, piccolo
Don Pardo: sophisticated narration
Dave Samuels: timpani, vibes
John Bergamo: percussion overdubs
Ed Mann: percussion overdubs
Lou Ann Neill: osmotic harp overdub

Best Songs 

1.Titties & Beer 5/5

6.The Illinois Enema Bandit 5/5

8.The Torture Never Stops 5/5

6.Sofa 4/5

Good Songs
1.I'm the Slime 3,5/5

2.Pound for a Brown 3,5/5

4.The Black Page Drum Solo / Black Page #1 3,5/5

7.Black Page #2 3,5/5
2.Cruisin' for Burgers 3/5

5.Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me? 3/5

3.Manx Needs Women 3/5

5.Big Leg Emma 3/5

9.The Purple Lagoon /Approximate 3/5
3.I Promise Not to Come in Your Mouth 2,5/5
4.Punky's Whips 2/5
Terrible Songs
None - No song Got a Score Lower Than 2/5

Personal Score 3,50 / 5
"Fantastic Live Album" Jany

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