Fillmore East - June 1971

Release Date: 02/08/1971

The Mothers

CD Release 27/07/2012


UPC: 824302384527 EU

Official Release #012

 1.Little House I Used to Live in 4:42
 2.The Mud Shark 5:21
 3.What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are? 4:16
 4.Bwana Dik 2:21
 5.Latex Solar Beef 2:37
 6.Willie the Pimp (Part One) 4:07
 7.Willie the Pimp (Part Two) 1:54
 8.Do You Like My New Car? 7:07
 9.Happy Together 2:57
10.Lonesome Electric Turkey 2:32
11.Peaches en Regalia 3:21
12.Tears Began to Fall 2:47

Total Playing Time 44:02

The Mothers: Fillmore East - June 1971

Frank Zappa: guitar, dialogue

Ian Underwood: woodwinds, keyboards, vocals

Aynsley Dunbar: drums
Mark Volman: lead vocals, dialogue
Howard Kaylan: lead vocals, dialogue
Jim Pons: bass, vocals, dialogue
Bob Harris: keyboards, vocals
Don Preston: mini-moog (9)

Best Songs

 3.What Kind of Girl Do You Think We Are? 4/5
 9.Happy Together 4/5
11.Peaches en Regalia 4/5

Good Songs

 1.Little House I Used to Live In 3,5/5

10.Lonesome Electric Turkey 3,5/5
 2.The Mud Shark 3/5

 4.Bwana Dik 3/5
 5.Latex Solar Beef 3/5
 6.Willie the Pimp Part One 3/5

12.Tears Began to Fall 3/5
 7.Willie the Pimp Part Two 2,5/5
 8.Do You Like My New Car? 2/5

Terrible Songs

None - No Song Got a Score Lower Than 2/5

Personal Score 3,21 / 5
"Very Nice Live Album" Jany

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